Hey guys!! These are 10 of my favorite life hacks for making your period way more enjoyable, and a lot easier!! I wanted to show you some of my favorite things to do as well as some period hacks you guys probably haven’t seen before!! Periods are already no fun as it is, so I hope you guys will enjoy some of my tips and tricks on ways to fight bloating, beat cramps, and pamper yourself to have the best period ever haha!

1 Ibuprofen

Take Ibuprofen a couple of days beforehand. It reduces the hormone responsible for your cramps and reduces the severity of your cramps. If you take Advil or Ibuprofen after your period started, it’s too late. Although it’s effective, it’s not as effective as if you’ve taken it a few days before.

2 Exercise

When you exercise you increase your blood circulation and you produce beta endorphins. The blood circulation physically reduces your cramps, because it pushes the blood through areas where there’s already constriction. The endorphins dull the pain from the hormone that actually causes the cramps. Some great exercises you could do are yoga, which is great because it releases tension and reliefs stress on top of increasing your blood flow. You could also do some brisk walking, or even some light aerobics. The main reason why I don’t like to work out on my period is because a) I can usually feel my tampons and feel a little bit uncomfortable, especially when doing things like Yoga and b) I’m terrified of leaks. There are tampons that are designed for athletic purposes (e.g. Tampax Pearl Active, which are slimmer than regular tampons and more comfortable – Disclaimer: Tampax sponsored the 10 Period Hacks video and sent me some of these).

3 DIY Heat Pad

Use a hot water bottle or heating pad. In my video I show how I made a DIY version. I took a thick, fuzzy sock and I added in a couple of cups of dry, white rice and tied off the end before putting it into the microwave for a couple of minutes. I did mine for 4 minutes, but if you have a really strong microwave you might wanna do 3 minutes. So how it works is it reduces the contraction of your muscles. and it also increases muscle relaxation because it warms up the area. If you haven’t tried this yet – It will change your life.

4 Relax

My next tip is for pampering yourself and that is to relax and just do something that you enjoy. So for me it’s really nice to just relax and listen to some soft music. Especially when we’re on our period, we can be a little bit more emotional and we want to watch a sappy movie or listen to some soothing music. I highly recommend looking up playlists on Spotify that suit that criteria. I actually looked up period playlist not expecting to find much, but ended up finding an amazing playlist with some of my favorite songs over the last decade.


Something that sounds strange, but actually really works is ASMR. ASMR is super soothing. It helps people with Insomnia fall asleep. If you put on some ASMR, it gets you into a super relaxed state and it calms you so that you don’t have as many contractions in your uterus, which causes your cramps.

6 Magnesium

This tip is great for the all the chocolate lovers out there. Dark chocolate has actually high levels of magnesium and studies have been proven that if you increase your magnesium around that time of the month then it really helps alleviate your cramps. To kill two birds with one stone, I got some chocolate covered almonds. Almonds are also really high in Magnesium, so you can’t eat them on their own if you don’t like chocolate. And that will also boost your magnesium.

7 Take a bath

To help me relax I light a couple of candles and break apart a bubble bar. My favorite bubble bar is Sunnyside from Lush. It makes your bath water so beautiful and shimmery. The bath actually treats your cramps physically, because the warm water helps with your blood flow, but you can also add in Epsom Salt, which is actually magnesium sulfate. You add a few cups into your bath water. It dissolves and penetrates through your skin and gives your body a boost of magnesium. Not only does it reduce your cramps it also reliefs muscle tension and muscle pain as well.

8 Drink Tea

My next hack is about how to get rid of bloating and cramps at the same time. You can drink peppermint or chamomile tea. Both of these are caffeine free so they won’t make your cramps worse. On top of that peppermint tea reduces muscle spasms. It’s a muscle relaxant and increases your blood flow. And chamomile tea is an anti-inflammatory so it actually reduces the hormone responsible for your cramps to begin with. So if you don’t want to take Ibuprofen or any kind of medication, this is great. On top of this, both teas are great for reducing bloating and will get rid of that extra water retention.

9 Lavender

Another way to pamper yourself and to relax while relieving your cramps at the same time is by using lavender. Lavender is super soothing and it reliefs tension. It helps you to relax and feel more at ease, and it has been scientifically proven to reduce cramps. One of my favorite things to use the chamomile and lavender Bath & Bodyworks spray, which really helps to sooth and relaxe me – Especially before bed. If you’re looking for a way to distress and relax, then I highly recommend lavender. It really helps your stress to melt away. And I find it works really well if you wanna lay on, have some TV on, or some Netflix and watch your favorite show and just be in a nice and calming environment. And if you need a TV show recommendation, just throwing out there, they have all 10 seasons of Friends on Netflix. That is my favorite show to binge watch.

10 Melatonin

My last tip is about how to have a better sleep at night. And if you’re anywhere like me and you have your period, it’s the most uncomfortable thing in the world. No position is comfortable and you’re tossing and turning and that can really throw off your sleeping cycle. One thing that helps me is taking melatonin. Melatonin is something that your body produces naturally after the sun starts to set. Taking it before bed when you’re uncomfortable on your period can really help your sleeping cycle on schedule and you won’t wake up feeling worse in the morning from cramps and a lack of sleep.


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Don’t forget to let me know in the comment section below, which period hacks work for you.


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