My  Most Frequently Asked Questions! 

So I realize I have been absent from both my YouTube channel and blog for an inexcusable amount of time. I’ve started explaining that all in a rather long post. Hopefully I’ll have that finished and posted soon! As for now I’m going to list off as many of the most frequently asked questions as I can think of for those of you who are wondering!

About my Hair!

How long did it take you to grow your hair out? 

In total it probably took in the neighborhood of 3.5 years. I can’t give an exact number because over time my hair has gotten fuller towards the ends which gives a longer appearance, and earlier on I had a couple devastating haircuts where 8 inches or more was taken off the ends. I would say maybe even 2.5 years after having grown my hair out (from my jaw) I had hairs that are at the same length they are now, but because the ends were in “v” form they didn’t look as long or thick.

Do you wear hair extension? 

I do occasionally, but not for length or thickness, but for blonde peak-a-boo highlights 🙂

What color is your hair naturally? 

At the moment (Jan. 14th 2012) my hair is mostly my own color. Unfortunately where it isn’t (about 4 inches past my shoulders) it is an awful shade of orangey light brown with some grown out brassy orange/blonde balayage highlights. I’ve been trying to grow this awful color out for two years now, and thankfully it has come a looonngg way since its awful beginning where it was several shades of deep auburn brown and multi colored brassy reddened blonde highlights. My Megan Fox inspired locks had gone totally wrong in the hands of a color technician that seemed to care precious little about what I actually wanted since warm, deep, tones of brown were only in the descriptions of what I asked NOT to have… ironic, huh? 😛

What is your exact hair color? 

As aforementioned above, my hair is multicolored. Not by choice. I recall a close friend telling me in the summertime under the glistening sun that my hair was a rainbow of shades of brown, red, blonde and yellow… SERIOUSLY? Who wants to hear that?! Haha definitely NOT me. What is viewable on camera, however, is my natural color. Tones in nature are much less vibrant, so my hair is an earthy tone of ashy brown and golden brown hairs. Within that mix are shiny blonde strands. I always wished my hair was more ashy and had less of these golden-ish strands… this is something that always kept me from my desired pale blonde highlights… I guess it was for the better though. It was when I stopped bleaching my hair that I was able to finally grow it out. I suppose in a nutshell my hair is a medium brown, but it is between ashy and warm, since like I said earlier, tones in nature aren’t as bright or rich as they are out of a package or a box.

What do you ask for when you get your hair cut? 

This is something I’ve been asking for ever since the first time I stumbled, unintentionally, upon a hair stylist that cut the most amazing soft and defined layers into my hair that they nearly looked drawn on. I realized that her techniques were not the standard pull-and-snip, but much more artistic, precise, and thought-out. She used techniques referred to by stylists as slithe cutting, slithering, or slide cutting (depending on who you’re seeing). It’s when you take shears but try to achieve a texturized razor type effect. What you get are layers that flow into each other, they are incredibly smooth and detailed all at the same time. Each little section of hair moves on its own, styling, curling, even simple blowdrying becomes MUCH more interesting. Ever since this amazing cut I have asked for the same thing (in many unsuccessful attempts) with every single stylist I’ve seen… and the wonderful, divine piece-y layers have only since returned with the same girl because it wasn’t until my last cut that I even realized what it was I was asking for. I like my layers long, with some tapering towards the front of my face. I love a straight, strong line at the ends. The strong and defined cut makes everyday hair dazzle, whereas any “V” I ever had only looked good on me when it was curled. It also took the bulk of my length away, and while it WAS long (only in one section) it did not appear anywhere near as long as it actually “was”.


What current hair care products are you using/what shampoo and conditioner do you use? 

At the moment–and many moments actually–over the last two years, I’ve been in love with my sulfate free shampoo from the Brazilian Blowout which is an açai antifrizz shampoo. It is amazingly gentle, so much so that I don’t even need to use a conditioner when I use it. Of course that is the exception, and not the rule. This may not be the same with everyone, since I don’t do anything to my hair in terms of chemical processes my hair is, overall, in fairly good condition. I do however use conditioner when I am out of this shampoo. I don’t have one I’m in love with, but I do have a couple that I like. At the moment if I need some extra hydration I will use my Joico Thickening Conditioner because it is a lightweight conditioner that does not leave a noticeable residue or weigh down my heavy hair. If I’m not using a conditioner I make sure to give my ends a little extra TLC by rubbing in some Moroccan Oil because I notice any dry areas will just suck it right up. It also helps my hair dry amazingly quick even without heat, and super smooth and frizz free even with no brush. I swear, God manufactures this stuff, because no other product does anything CLOSE to what this stuff does. No joke, I promise.


Do you take vitamins for your hair? 

I actually don’t. However, being that I am a pescetarian (think vegetarian, but with seafood as an optional protein) I actually get a lot of great oils just from the food I consume. A lot of fish are high in natural oils including omega-3 fatty acids which help in basically any and all aspects of your health. I noticed my hair had a much nicer “gloss” (if you will) once I started eating fish. It made the oils in my skin and hair completely different and I believe those oils have been nourishing my scalp and hair close to my scalp, therefor when that hair grows out (I’ve been a pescetarian for 3 years now) the hair is much healthier feeling/looking.


Do you still have the Brazilian Blowout treatment in your hair? 

Unfortunately no. The Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment caused a LOT of controversy with Health Canada for having deceived consumers/stylists/the general public alike that it was a formaldehyde free version, and after having had the procedure twice, it was evident after the first treatment that it wasn’t. Needless to say Health Canada banned the treatment and the “replica” that is entirely plant-based, Brazilian Blowout ZERO, is nothing alike. I had my last blowout in September of last year. It’s sad, I loved it. Therefor, no, the blowout is no longer in my hair, though I feel it definitely changed how my hair feels in terms of health… keyword being feel.


Do you sleep with my hair up? 

I do actually. I find this is the easiest way to not tug at it while I’m sleeping. It’s not to keep it in good condition, it’s purely for comfort.


How often do you wash your hair? 

This definitely varies. In general I’d say every 3-4 days. This probably sounds gross but it is one of the best things you can do for your hair/scalp. Happy-healthy-hair needs love and nourishment. Your nourishment comes in the form of natural oils, those oils protect the shaft and also nourish the hair (the same way that applying olive oil, Moroccan Oil, coconut oil, etc. would). It also keeps your skin on your scalp happy and healthy. Your hair grows from your scalp, so don’t forget that it is integral to the health and growth of your hair to pay attention to your scalp as well as the actual hair itself.


Do you use dry shampoo?

LOVE Dry shampoo. It helps get you through those days where you feel like you need to shower, even if you just showered the day before. It also gives you that fresh just-blowdried, weightless and voluminous, look to your hair. My favorite is Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo in the powder form (I find the ones in the aerosol can only help you out for one day before you end up with a sticky, dirty mess, and they also are submerged in a liquid to dispense the product and it can make my hair look dirty even if it isn’t).


What is your normal hair texture? 

My hair texture is between fine and normal I suppose. My hair is naturally fairly wavy, and has quite. If I put my hair in a braid, a pony, or a bun, all the kinks and curves remain in my hair when it is let down. I also have mix textured hair. Amongst fine strands are coarser strands and medium strands.


How long is your hair crown to tip? 

My hair has layers and the ends are pretty frazzled, but I had a haircut about 8 months ago now and about 7 -8 inches was taken off the ends and I had shorter layers put in. I am trying to grow out the cut so the ends are not in great condition but where the longest ends fall at the moment is 32.5 inches. 🙂

How often do you cut your hair? 

I will usually get 2 trims a year and two cuts. Most of my cuts take no more than 2-3 inches off, but the last time I had my hair cut 6” was taken off the ends and ever since I’ve been trying to grow it out again.


How do you make your hair so shiny? 

It’s not that I keep it shiny, it’s more from what I don’t do, than what I do. First, I never use a flat iron on my hair—almost entirely NEVER. When I say almost, I mean once a year. Instead I use a round brush and blowdryer to get smooth, sleek hair. I have also started eliminating my blowdryer and have been able to with the assistance of Moroccan oil. Moroccan oil not only reduces 90 percent of my frizz but it also allows it to dry MUCH faster and nearly completely straight. All I have to do is pass a comb through it while it’s drying and my naturally poufy hair is smooth and sleek. Another thing is, Moroccan oil is an oil and adds a soft luster as well. I also don’t color, bleach or use chemical treatments on my hair. I used to use Demi or Semi permanent dyes to darken my hair (which are the least damaging forms of hair colors) but even those, I haven’t used in over 2 years now. Basically when you eliminate the problems that cause dryness your hair is in a more “natural state” and your hair starts to look the way it is supposed to by nature. It isn’t by choice that I haven’t colored my hair, I have made appointments for ombre two times in the last year but both times something came up where I wasn’t able to have my hair done. Fortunately it has helped the health and condition of my hair to not use any dyes or bleaches on my hair. J




Do you think your diet affects your skin? 

Definitely! I can tell based on how I’m eating if it is affecting my skin. For instance if I’m consuming a lot of dairy my skin starts to break out. I can especially tell if I’m drinking a lot of lattes from Starbucks because my pores themselves feel like they have changed.


How do you keep your skin so smooth? 

This is actually another video I’d like to film. I have been kind of avoiding it because a lot of people don’t like taking drugs for their skin, I on the other hand do have limits but I’m not as strict as some people might be. I have been on antibiotics for my eyelash condition (anterior blepharitis) and found they helped with my skin (if you’ve seen my Skincare Routine video then you know what I’m talking about). To brief, since having become a pescetarian 3 years ago I noticed within 3 months of quitting my omnivorous (that felt like mainly carnivorous) diet, I started


Why is your skin so dark? 

My skin is naturally fairly dark, and then any amount of sun I get leaves my skin darker for an extended period. I don’t know why exactly but I think it must penetrate my skin deeper than fairer skin tones because over the months without any sun at all my skin still stays fairly dark (and trust me I live in Northern British Columbia where it’s actually the rainiest “city” in North America, we really get no sun).


Do you go tanning? 

I do, which I know is completely unhealthy, but I do like to maintain some color when I’m feeling like I need a little bit of a boost. I will go maybe once or twice in a month and then not at all for 4 or 5 months. In the summer I do like to have some natural sun as well (if it’s around haha) to give me a nice glow! J I don’t need to tan often or much to maintain color which allows me to only go every few months to get a base and then work off of that until summer rolls around. Unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with gorgeous porcelain skin so when my skin does go “pale” I end up looking kind of sick because I end up with an almost sallow color.




How much do you weigh? 

My weight fluctuates between 87.5 – 92 lbs.


What size clothes do you wear/What size are your jeans? 

In jeans I wear a size 23 and in clothes I will wear 00, XXS or XXXS when available. Think of a colorful smurf, that’s me hahaha J Very very short and small.


What are your measurements? 

My measurements will probably sound weird, I’m very small framed so my ribs are pretty puny and I’m only 28 inches around, my waist is 21”, and my hips are 31”


What exercises do you do? 

At the moment (and for the past few months :S ) none, but when I am in “workout mode” I do 7 minute abs with Tony Horton (it’s amazing, I promise) and I will do a made up exercise for my arms with fairly light weights (I haven’t done it in ages though) and my legs which are Winsor Pilates (Buns n’ Thighs I believe).


Will you do a fitness/weight loss video? 

I had actually intended on it, but when I started eating really crappy foods again and stopped my work out regimen I felt guilty about posting a diet/fitness video in that I’m not on any diet and haven’t been doing anything for my fitness in about 8 months.


What is a pescetarian, and why are you one? 

I am a pescetarian because I care deeply about all living beings. I don’t think it’s right that because I enjoy meat that I should just be able to consume something that cost another animal a life. Now I know that is extremely contradictory because I do still consume seafood. I wish I was able to eliminate meats all together, but unfortunately I would not be able to survive on a strictly vegetarian diet, and it would likely end up in me relapsing into eating worse things (ie; meat). I’ve done what I could to eliminate as much of the living beings from my diet as possible. Even still I don’t eat seafood every day, I have tried to cut it back because for awhile I was eating a lot of seafood, and I’ve also decided that if I am going to eat seafood, it won’t be farmed. Therefore promoting a healthier diet and also not promoting caging wildlife which should have the ability to roam freely.



Are your teeth real or do you have veneers? 

Haha my teeth are my own 🙂 No veneers or crowns, just 2.5 years of orthodontics! 🙂


Did you have braces? 

As per above, I did have braces, and at the time I hated them and was awful about wearing my elastics and what have you—I wish I had’ve listened to my orthodontist now!


How do you get your teeth to stay so white? 

I have actually always had fairly white teeth, they did get stained a little at the top when I had my braces on (I was fortunate that this was not very noticeable). So three summers ago I did a full round of Crest White strips, and they lightened at the top where they had darkened from having braces, and then eventually the results started to diminish in the same area. So the following summer (two summers ago) I actually had my teeth professionally whitened as a birthday gift. I had no results which I was warned about because they had color matched me to the lightest shade on the post whitening swatches but found out that using Crest White strips is equally as effective as in house treatments like the laser treatment I had done. This was really reassuring news, so since then any time I feel my teeth are a little dull (especially after drinking coffee for a couple months straight) I just pop on a white strip and any surface color is removed.



Favorite Products

What mascara do you use? 

My mascara is pretty consistent. I’ve been using Lancome Hypnose in Deep Black since I was 17, which is quite a long time to be devoted to a mascara. I have tried tons and tons of different mascaras, this however, is the one I have always returned to. Some of my other favorites are Make Up For Ever’s Smoky Lash mascara, which is absolutely amazingly pigmented, holds fantastic curls, and lengths/separates like crazy, and Fresh’s soft, and unlimitedly buildable, and separating Supernova mascara. All are amazing in their own ways, I find Hypnose works best for my long, but somewhat thinner lashes.


What’s your favorite foundation? 

I have periods where I feel like a specific foundation is made for me. I have different things I like about different foundations, but I feel it’s safe to say that while I may have said I had a favorite in the past, I don’t have a favorite anymore. I have some that I will consistently wear. Those being Revlon’s PhotoReady Foundation in 008 Golden Beige mixed with 010 Caramel. What I love about this foundation is the immediate glowy finish, as well as the color tone. I’ve never found a foundation that matched my skin so perfectly and gave me such a healthy appearance to my skin. It has a decent coverage, it can be on the sheer side if you’re trying to cover anything too noticeable and it is an oil based product so it separates throughout the day and I find it kind of cakes in my dryer areas. Apart from that I adore it. Another foundation I love for its finish is NARS Sheer Glow in Barcelona gives me a really nice coverage and an amazing satin finish with a subtle glow, but after one day my face will be broken out in tiny bumps—everywhere. If your skin isn’t sensitive, this is a great foundation choice. I also love the finish of my Laura Mercier Silk Crème foundations, but they break me out in cosmetic clogged pores like nothing else so I can’t wear it. I’ve heard that’s a common problem with Silk Crème. The foundation that sits in the middle and looks great on camera and in real life, lasts all day (and night), and doesn’t break me out is Maybelline’s Superstay 24 Hour Foundation. I have bought 5 different bottles of this, all for different shades of my skin, that’s how much I like it. What I don’t like is that because it is a long wearing foundation it is not buildable and basically you have to apply it and not touch it up or touch it up with concealer or blush, bronzer, etc. afterward. For me anyways. It is almost like applying a paint to your skin because if you don’t apply a smooth enough layer it makes any powders overtop look extremely cakey and uneven. If only it had the best of all worlds.

Do you wear primer? 

I used to wear Make Up For Ever’s High Definition primer every day but I realized that with extended use it was causing my pores to clog in my t-zone. I’ve tried tons of primers, and have never found one that has actually benefitted my foundation and has always been detrimental to the health of my skin. So until I find a decent one with no negative side effects I must say I do not have a favorite primer.


What are your favorite nude lipsticks? 

As you know, if you’ve watched any of my YouTube videos, I am a HUGE fan of nude lips. I have been collecting nude shades for years, but unfortunately most are limited edition MAC shades. My 5 favorite nudes are MAC Equality (my favorite), MAC Naturally Eccentric (second), MAC Supremely Confident (third), MAC Crème D’Nude (fourth), Viva Glam Gaga II (fifth)


What are your favorite MAC eyeshadows? 

I actually have a blog post on this which I will link here:


What’s your favorite dry shampoo? 

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo (powder version, not spray).

What’s your favorite perfume? 

I actually have 4 I wear. My all time favorite is Dior Hypnotic Poison, then a close second is Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb, and lastly Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath and Body Works 🙂 During the winter I have a scent that stands on its own. I used to wear a perfume by Roots that had a really gorgeous light, yet dramatic, citrus scent. Since I have not been able to replace it, I found a slight dupe, Dolce Gabbana Light Blue, that smells even more divine and much more sophisticated. This scent would be great year round but I wear it in the winter consistently because it gives a great sense of nostalgia from days of Christmas past. 🙂


What is your favorite eyelash curler? 

Shu Uemura, in my opinion, makes the best eyelash curlers hands down!


Are your eyelashes real? 

They are, I would say I am fortunate that my lashes are naturally long due to genetics, my sister, dad, and grandmother all share the same lashes with different strengths: my sisters are thicker and fuller, my dad’s are longest, my grandmother’s are darkest and most separated, and mine are long, but not as dark or as thick as my. Unfortunately, along with the genetic length and thickness of our lashes, my sister, dad, and I all share a condition called blepharitis. Theirs however is acute while mine is chronic which means that mine is ongoing while theirs is more like catching a cold in that it is usually brought on with bacteria or allergies while mine pops up every few months over and over again. I also suffer from lash fall out, they do not.


You talk about blepharitis, what is it? 

Blepharitis is a group of several conditions/”inflammatory eye diseases” relating to the eyelids. There is posterior and anterior blepharitis, my condition is anterior. Anterior is mainly affects the eyelashes and follicles and posterior mainly affects the inner part of the eyelids and glands. I first noticed my eyelashes were shedding much more than they should be when I was 13, people thought I was crazy because they couldn’t see the difference since my eyelashes were naturally long, but when my lashes started showing bare spots that’s when people treated the condition more seriously. I went to 2 optometrists, 1 ophthalmologist, and 2 general practioners. All diagnosed me with the same condition. I’ll never forget how I felt when I first found out it was chronic (meaning it would come and go, but never be treated permanently) I asked if there was anything I could do to help my lashes grow back and my incredibly cold optometrist implied they never would. That all I could do was warm compresses to loosen the debris around my lashes, but that they would be shedding from the inside out so really there was little that could be done.  Over the years I went through phases of lots of lashes, and very few lashes, it only started to get “better” as I was out of my teen years (as mine was a hormone related condition). I’ve tried antibiotics (which worked temporarily), warm compresses, LidCare, Blephagel, eye washes, etc. etc. etc. Nothing made the condition get better apart from time. However I did start a treatment for PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) called spironolactone and I have only suffered with one period of blepharitis since I started taking it knocks on wood.


What are the symptoms you have from blepharitis:

Well, as stated above, the most noticeable would be lash loss. When I was first diagnosed with blepharitis I didn’t notice the other symptoms but over time I started noticing the symptoms before I’d even start losing my lashes. There are a whole ton that people suffer from, but for me I wake up with almost an oily sticky residue on my eyeballs that makes blinking quite painful. I also would have gummy residue or dried crusts around my lashes. When it’s really bad my lids will be stuck together and my eyelids will feel swollen and uncomfortable.


Do you fill your eyebrows in? 

Absolutely! My favorite product to fill them in with is MAC’s Lingering brow pencil!


Do you have any tricks to make your eyelashes look longer? 

The number one reason my lashes look so dramatic is because of my mascara. I don’t think most other mascaras even hold a candle to Lancome Hypnose. It is by far my favorite mascara. There are other mascara’s I like, but I always end up going back to Hypnose. Believe it or not, some mascaras make my lashes look thin and wimpy, actually a lot do, I have length but not tons and tons of lashes so if they aren’t all volumized I look like I have long wispy lashes, which sounds nice but doesn’t look nice.

Other FAQ’s

How tall are you? 

I’m actually 5’1.3/4″ but I usually just say 5’1″ or 5’1.5″ haha 🙂


What kind of dog *ahem* correction baby do you have? 

My baby is actually a long hair purebred chihuahua! 🙂


Do you have a boyfriend? 

I do!!


What are you taking in school? 

I am doing Business Management in school with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship! I would like to get a second BA in Marketing as well!


What is your ethnicity? 

I’m, I guess, what you would call a mutt! On my father’s side my great grandfather is 100 percent German and my dad’s mother is Spanish (of Spain) and English,  on my mother’s side of the family are a mix of everything from Hispanic roots to Welsh, German, Irish, Scottish, and the list goes on… and on. 🙂


What languages do you speak? 

I speak English (obviously), I went to school from the time I was 5 – nearly 18 and learned French as my first language, and I speak a little German 😉


Do you have breast implants? 

I’ve had comments about my breasts quite a lot on videos. I have not had my breasts enlarged or reduced (another comment I had suggested I have them reduced to get rid of back pain associated with large breasts.) Larger breasts runs in my family. My mom actually is trying to have a reduction, but is fearful because a relative who is around my age experienced a lot of pain with hers and now may need to have it done again. At the time being I believe my weight plays a factor into not having severe issues with back pain but if they would get larger I would probably consider having a reduction to avoid the problems I’ve watched my family go through!


Did you have a nose job? 

This is probably the one that boggles my mind most because I think my nose is actually awful, it’s so round and kidlike, I’ve always wanted a very straight, thin, serious nose but I would never have something done to permanently change myself for cosmetic reasons. My nose is actually even crooked, which may or may not be visible on camera, but it is slightly crooked toward my left side of my face.


Would you ever have plastic surgery to enhance your appearance: 

I am a total baby. I am afraid of making permanent changes to myself. I got a very small tattoo at the age of 17 that I’ve always regretted because I couldn’t believe I made such a heavy decision at such a young age. I have thought about botox if I need it at some point as I get older, and also collagen because both wear off after about 3-6 months, but I’ve never considered anything apart from those two cosmetic procedures.

Do you have any plastic surgery? 

Nope, none whatsoever. The closest I’ve come to a cosmetic procedure is having had a giant fibroadenoma removed from my breast a few years ago. A fibroadenoma is a soft rounded mobile lump (benign tumor) that can grow in women’s breasts. Usually they are small, but they can also be “giant” as well. Mine was about 1.5 inches across.


What faith do you believe in? 

I am Catholic. I haven’t been a practicing Catholic for years, but nonetheless that is my faith 🙂


Do you drink coffee? 

I don’t drink coffee coffee, as in putting a pot of coffee on. The closest I’ll get to drip coffee is occasionally having an Americano (which is shots of espresso in boiling water), and then nearly daily I will have a caramel latte which is espresso in steamed milk. I also drink Chai Tea Lattes (lately they have been almost daily) and during the holidays I drink the Starbucks Gingerbread Latte! 🙂


Why don’t you wear colored lipstick often? 

I have always loved nude lips. I can remember seeing blanked out lips on the runways from when I was very young and thinking they were so striking and brought so much focus to whoevers eyes those whitened lips were on. I can recall being 7 years old and my best friend at the time would dig out her mother’s makeup and I would apply thick undereye concealer in that lipstick like tube straight to my lips. I would do it out of fun, but it always appealed to me, even though I was doing it to be silly.