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My Morning Routine For School

Hey guys!! Here is my morning routine for school! This is what I do on a typical morning! I’m definitely not a morning person, so I’m really grateful my classes are in the afternoon and I don’t have to wake up SUPER early to go to school haha! 

How to Whiten Your Teeth – Tips & Tricks

Hi guys! Here’s my video on how to get your whitest teeth and brightest smile at home! I wanted to show you guys how you can whiten your teeth to get the whitest results, as well as share tips and tricks for making your teeth appear their brightest and whitest without any treatments at all! Please like and subscribe for more videos 🙂 Love you guys – Kristi-Anne

Glamorous Holiday Party Makeup: Glitter Liner + Bold Lips

Learn how-to achieve an elegant and glamorous look that’s perfect for any holiday party or gathering, be it for your office Christmas/holiday party, or one celebrated amongst friends and family! Because the eyes are fairly neutral I wanted to show you all how to pair it with both a bold, dark red lip, and a subtly pink, nude lip as well! Enjoy and happy holidays, all!! Love you!

Dramatic Fall Makeup Tutorial + 2 Lip Combos

Dramatic Fall Makeup Tutorial + 2 Lip Combos

Let’s find out how-to get away with wearing dark eye makeup and dark lips for Fall (or Autumn)! BUT, if you’re not brave enough to wear both out during the day, no worries I’ve got you – it pairs just as nicely with a nude lip, cause you can always switch out your nude for something a little more dramatic in the evening taking your day-time appropriate look from day-to-night!!

Beach Bag

Get Ready With Me For The Beach + What’s in my Beach Bag

Hi guys! I hope you’ll all enjoy my Summer at the Beach, Get Ready With Me video! I was asked by a lovely subscriber (a little over a month ago) if I could film a “What’s In My Beach Bag” video, so I decided to take it one further and add my Get Ready With Me and my outfit of the day in there as well! Let me know what you think!