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Checkmate: Conquering my Struggles with Attention Deficit Disorder

Hi everyone!

So this website was supposed to be up and running ages ago. I have just finished finals, group presentations, final papers and some of my courses. This has taken up an enormous portion of my time, but also unfortunately a series of events happened and I lost my gumption, i.e.,my website had contracted a virus from the hosting server, and my attention drifted. I’m finally working on it again, and I’ll let you know why below. 

Calling All Sexy Vampires!

Hello all of you beautiful ladies, and possibly beautiful men! So Halloween is quickly approaching and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve just filmed a tutorial for the makeup/costume that I wore for Halloween last year and I hope that my little tips and tricks will inspire you to add on to your Sexy (insert costume name here) Halloween Costume!