DIY Advent Calendar

What you’ll need for the Mason Jar Advent Calendar:
– Mason jars (I used 125ml jars):
– Aqua Pearl acrylic paint (optional):
– Mother of Pearl acrylic paint (optional):
– Activities (Printout of activities I made for mine):
– Chocolates
– Tissue Paper
– Printout of numbers:


Step 1 – Paint the mason jar lids with acrylic paint

advent calendar how to 1

advent calendar 013


Step 2 – Print the numbers from here:

advent calendar 014

Step 3 – Cut out the numbers

advent calendar 015

Step 4 – Fill the mason jars with little gifts. I used chocolate and activity suggestions

advent calendar 016

advent calendar 017

Step 5 – Cut tissue paper into little squares



advent calendar 019

Step 6 – Add little stickers to the back of the number to glue them onto the tissue paper

advent calendar 020

Step 7 – Wrap the tissue paper around the jar and screw the lid back on top of the number


advent calendar 021

advent calendar 018

Step 8 – Repeat until 24 jars are done =)

advent calendar numbers

Check out my video to watch how I made this advent calendar


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