The instructions on how to make a throw pillow for the holidays are incredibly easy and don’t take long. I filmed this tutorial as part of my DIY Christmas Decoration video, which I added at the bottom as well. 

diy throw pillow

diy throw pillow 005

Let’s get started with the things that are needed to make this pillow.

What do we need?

  1. Ikea pillow case:
  2. Ikea down pillow insert:
  3. Tulip iron-on glitter sheet:
  4. White acrylic paint pen:
  5. X-acto knife:
  6. Cutting board
  7. Template of text (see link to text I used. I printed at 100% size):
  8. Dish towel

I’ve added screenshots below in case you wonder, which products/brands I used in the video.

Item #1: Tulip Iron-on glitter sheet

throw pillow 007

Item #2: White acrylic paint pen:

throw pillow 009

Item #3: X-acto knife:

throw pillow 010

Item #4: A simple cutting board

throw pillow 011

Item #5: Ikea pillow case:
throw pillow 012

Item #6: Ikea down pillow insert:

throw pillow 013

Item #7: Template of text (see link to text I used. I printed at 100% size):


throw pillow 014

Item #8: A dish towel


throw pillow 015

How to get the letters onto the pillow

  1. Print out the letters for the words
  2. Tape the glitter sheet on top of the letters
  3. Trace the letters on a window so that you have them on the glitter sheet
  4. Use the X-Acto knife to cut out the letters
  5. Put the letters onto the empty pillow case, place the towel on top and iron the whole thing
  6. Add the pillow insert and you’re done – Congratulations!!! Don’t forget to take a picture, post it on social media and tag me so that I can check it out!


Watch the video


What it should like after you’re done

throw pillow 001

throw pillow 003

throw pillow 004

throw pillow 006


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